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Bluoxyn is a product, created for one purpose – to improve the intimate life of men, and indirectly, of course, women. As the manufacturer informs, it is 100% safe and natural. It is a dietary supplement recommended by doctors. The first results depend on the specific organism and its metabolism. Most often it is several days. The manufacturer ensures that the product has no side effects and is therefore available without a prescription. According to the manufacturer, this is the most effective and safest product known on the market.

bluoxyn erectile dysfunction supplement

What Does Bluoxyn Do?


Bluoxyn affects the length and strength of the erection and largely the amount of sperm produced. This increases sexual desire and, consequently, greater satisfaction with sex life. Use involves taking one tablet twice a day after a meal, after which it should be washed off with plenty of water.


It seems to be a mere claim nothing such happens on using Bluoxyn as reveled by the customer reviews found on different review websites.

How does Bluoxyn interact with Alcohol?


When asked by customers about the interaction with alcohol, the manufacturer concludes that no relationship between the specificity described has been detected and that it is not prohibited to consume it at the time of Bluoxyn intake. Regarding people who have undergone a vasectomy, the manufacturer ensures that the effects of use will be exactly the same, except that the man will not have increased sperm motility. According to estimates of calculations and observations of people who tried the preparation, the amount of sperm increased about fivefold. In some cases, this was less, while in some cases more.


Reality is supplementing along with alcohol can harm your liver in a very adverse way.  It is advised not to use alcohol along-with any supplement.

Does Bluoxyn work?


Bluoxyn strengthens erections and increases the volume of ejaculation, increases sexual desire and the number of orgasms. Bluoxyn supplement is aimed at men who want to fully please their partner and make their experiences more attractive. The manufacturer ensures that the natural ingredients of Bluoxyn are completely safe. Bluoxyn has been tested by specialists. The product should be taken twice a day after one tablet. It is advisable to drink a dose of a large amount of fluid. According to the manufacturer, the first effects are visible after only a few days. The website also states that the supplement can increase sperm volume to up to 500 %. The product is often used by actors playing in porn videos. One pack of the product contains 60 tablets. The supplement can be ordered on the manufacturer’s website by filling out the form.

During treatment, you can drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes. The manufacturer ensures that each shipment is sent quickly and discreetly.


Smoking is not a good option if you are facing erection problem.  Smoking can reduce your stamina in a great amount.  The claim tested by a specialist also does not seem to be real as the specialist details and method of testing is not disclosed.

In the absence of real ingredients information, we cannot assess the authenticity and working of a supplement so it could be risk choosing it.

Does Bluoxyn Improve Libido?


Bluoxyn is a pharmaceutical based on herbs and intended only for men. The aim of the treatment is both to increase the number of sperm over time and to improve libido. Also, the strength of erection should be improved thanks to the use of this preparation. We must always remember that the treatment can only produce well-written results if it is systematically carried out for a long time. The duration of the treatment is different for everyone and therefore everyone himself has to determine what he expects from the preparation. With a longer treatment, it is worth buying a larger package, as we will then get significant discounts from the manufacturer. The preparation is clinically tested and approved for sale.


Longer Treatment means you will have to buy more from them and thus they will have you as their bank and keep on charging for a longer time. Furthermore to prove such a claim we need more information which is not available.

What Ingredients Are In Bluoxyn?

Bluoxyn uses plant extracts that have always been considered to activate men. The preparation also includes numerous minerals that strengthen the strength and efficiency of the body. Also present is the amino acid L-Arginine HCl, which is responsible for the normal course of nitric oxide synthesis. It affects the elasticity of the circulatory system, and thus causes the better blood supply to the body, which also provokes stronger erections. This amino acid also acts as a blood pressure stabilizer, preventing hyper pressure. The amino acid L-Arginine HCl is also used, among other things, for the production of hormonal drugs.




Sarsaparilla RT.

Maca Tuber.

Muira Puama.


L-Arginine HCI.

Tribulus Terrestris


The above ingredients are reported by several review sites but the manufacturer does not reveal any information on the ingredients which is quite tricky.  This means you do not know the ingredients of a supplement that you are going to buy which is a blind gamble. We do not suggest any such supplement which does not disclose its ingredients properly.

Does It Maximize your sexual pleasure naturally?


Libido is very important in a man’s life. A man can seduce a woman by his word or other specialties. But women really like those men who satisfy her in bed. It is necessary to have a good sexual drive. For a good orgasm, you need Bluoxyn Enhancement!!!

This amazing supplement Bluoxyn Enhancement helps you to fulfill your sexual demand. It increases your load and maximizes your pleasure. It helps you to fulfill your desire of your partner and you become a man. So use it every day.


In the absence of proper ingredients information, such claims cannot be verified.  So there should be more information to prove such a claim.

Is Bluoxyn Enhancement Effective?


The pills are very effective to maximize your orgasms. It increases your ejaculation level by up to 500 percent. It improves your self-confidence and boosts your sexual power. It also improves your erection quality and doubles your orgasm. In a word, it is the only herbal supplement to boost up your erection quality.


The effectiveness of any dietary supplement is based on the ingredients that the supplement contains.  But we are unable to find such detailed information.

How to use Bluoxyn Enhancement?

It is very easy to consume. The supplement is available in the form of a pill. There are 60 pills in one bottle. You can take each pill at any mealtime. Take the pills with a glass of water. It is easy to take this supplement and to enjoy the amazing benefits in the bedroom.

Increase Your Bluoxyn Enhancement Results

You can increase the Bluoxyn Enhancement outcomes by using it without any break. Don’t miss any pills. Also, you need to take the right meals and take a rest. It is also recommended to chat with your doctors before you use it.

bluoxyn pills

How does Bluoxyn Enhancement Work?


Our penis is covered with two spongy cylinders. Once these two cylinders are swollen with blood, your penis becomes strong and ready for orgasm. Bluoxyn increases the blood circulation inside the penis and makes your erection quality great and provides more intense orgasm.

Bluoxyn is the best herbal supplement for men to treat ejaculation problems. The first time, I never trusted this kind of supplement. But I felt that I should give it a try. Thanks to Bluoxyn, it improves my sex life and self-confidence. There is no comparison of it with other supplements. It is the complement of one user. So use it.


In the absence of information on ingredients, we cannot verify this claim that it works to boost the blood flow or not. And if it really helps to boost erections.


It improved your erection quality.

Boost up your ejaculation level.

Enhance your pleasure.

Improve your sexual performance.

You can experience multiple orgasms.

Boost your self-esteem.


The FDA has not certified it.

Not suitable for the teenager.

Not available in the local shop.

Is Bluoxyn Safe?


The male supplement is totally made of natural ingredients. The active ingredients are selected from nature. It is good and suits your body very well. There is no harmful filler or pesticides in it. Thus, you can use without any problem. This supplement gives you the best sexual boost.


Due to the lack of information provided on the supplement the safety of its use cannot be proved.

What are the price and the possibility of buying Bluoxyn?

Bluoxyn is only available on the manufacturer’s website and cannot be purchased either online or in a pharmacy. This method of purchase guarantees us a high, stable product quality and always equal prices and the inability to cheat so often found when purchasing such supplements on auction portals. How Bluoxyn prices are shaping up.  The Price of the bottle costs 40 bucks. And you can get a lower price on purchasing more bottles.

Final Verdict

The official website of Bluoxyn needs to disclose more information on its ingredients which is basic information to verify the working and trustworthiness of a supplement.  No such information was found, due to the absence of such information, we do not recommend this supplement.


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Alcohol and Medication Interactions.

Nausea and vomiting, headaches, drowsiness, fainting, or loss of coordination.

  • Customer Reviews - 5/10
  • Ingredients - 1/10
  • Trust - 5/10
  • Value - 5/10


According to the manufacturer, Bluoxyn is a 100% natural and safe dietary supplement designed for men, which aims to improve sexual abilities and quality of intimate life. For this reason, Bluoxyn benefits both men and women. The manufacturer ensures that this remedy does not have any side effects, because it is 100% natural.  The preparation affects the strength and length of the erection and the amount of sperm produced. The manufacturer claims that the preparation can increase the amount of sperm produced five times, which in turn causes an increase in sex drive and satisfaction with sex.

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