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Keto Jail is a relatively new method of losing weight.  It is getting popular quite fast.  There are no hard rules for this program. The only simple rules are staying away from unhealthy foods and keep on fasting for some duration. You can also combine Keto Jail with a good quality keto supplement, like Keto Body Tone, to make it faster and for better results.  Here in this article, you will get to know more about what keto diet is and what diets you should take while you are in Keto Jail state.

Keto Jail - an effective fat burning keto strategy

What Is Keto Jail?

Keto Jail means to stay at fasting for longer hours in order to boost weight loss. It could be from a minimum of 14 hours to 75 hours.  Keto Jail is a trusted and practical weight loss.  Many people have tried it successfully it is fast-acting and result oriented.

How To Do Keto Jail?

Keto Jail is simple in terms of words it simply means you have to stay away from unhealthy food for a specific period

What Diet Should One Take During Keto Jail?

Following keto foods are allowed during Keto Jail:


Seafood is rich in vitamins and protein.  It contains low carb and helps you lose weight quickly. Shellfish are a good source of the keto diet.

Low- Carb Vegetables

Vegetables with low carbohydrate levels are a great source of vitamins and minerals.  The vegetable fiber is absorbed quicker than any other fiber. They also contain antioxidant properties to keep your body healthy.


Cheese contain CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). CLA is a great source to lose weight.  The cheese counters the anti-aging factors and gives you more power.


It contains more fiber and fewer carbs, also a good source of vitamins and minerals which makes your keto Jail process easier.

Meat & Poultry

A good source of protein.  It helps you maintain muscle mass during Keto Jail.  It is also a good source of vitamins and minerals.


Barries contain a low amount of carbohydrates as compared to other fruits. They are rich in fiber and contain antioxidant properties.


An egg contains less than 1 gram of carbohydrates which is quite helpful for losing weight and helps your heart health.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil Helps increasing ketone levels.  It also helps with losing belly fats.


It helps to eliminate appetite and contains low carbohydrates.

Olive Oil

It helps your heart health. It contains no fat thus is great for dressing your salad or food.

Nuts & Seeds

Contain higher levels of fiber, which will help you feel less hungry and you get fewer calories.

keto jail - before and after results

List Of Foods To Avoid During Keto Diet


Not all seeds are good during a keto diet.  Here are some seeds that you should avoid:








Here is the list of fruits you should avoid because of the nutrition they contain:




Dried Fruit





Following Vegetables should not be taken along the keto diet.




All types of beverages should be avoided during the Keto Jail Program.

How Often Should Keto Jail Be Performed?

For quick results, you can perform Keto Jail once a week.  Otherwise, if you are not so good in following a tough routine you can do it by skipping one week i.e., do it in the first week, skip the second week again perform Keto Jail in the 3rd week and then continue this sequence until you get your desired results

Is Cheating Allowed During Keto Jail?

No cheating is allowed during Keto Jail as it will ruin your effort to burn fats.  The sole purpose of this diet program is to stay away from unhealthy junk food. Only allowed cheating is taking some keto diet in combination with Keto Body Tone.

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Keto Jail is a self-weight loss program combined with fasting, keto diet, and Keto Body Tune.  It has 100% results and gives you the fastest results.  No cheating is allowed during this program so that you can get your desired results within a short time.

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