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Light Sanitizer Review, Price, Benefits, And Side Effects

As the breakout of coronavirus is creating panic for everyone, there are a few necessary things that everyone must keep at home for safety purposes. There are a few things like Thermosense for checking fever without body contact, Sanitizer to clean your hands from germs, mask to keep your breath clean.  Here in this article, we will focus on the review of Light Sanitizer which is made with UV light technology to kill germs.  We will know the working, benefits, price and side effects of Light Sanitizer in detail.  So let’s start with product features and move on to the review.

Light Sanitizer is an efficient and powerful light A wider 360 ° UV light can kill bacteria, viruses, allergens, and mold more efficiently. Volatile light can spread at every corner, purify the air, and remove odor. Provide a healthier living environment for your family.

light sanitizer - kill germs, bacteria and virus

Product description

Product: Portable sterilization lamp with UV Light.

Lamp frame material: ABS environmentally friendly material

Lamp material: UV quartz lamp

Mode: Time

Nominal power: 55W

Product Type: UV

Light Sanitizer Usage and Details

Innovative: The disinfection lamp adopts the mode of the gravity detection device, and the tilt automatically turns off the UV light, and the power is large and concentrated, and the disinfection time is fast.

Versatile and efficient: There are 21 beads of LED disinfection lamps, which can kill mites, allergens, bacteria, prevent reproduction, remove odor and purify the air.

Environmental protection: chemical products. It is a natural fungicide that reduces the use of harmful chemicals and is beneficial for the environment or humans.

Portable Belt: The disinfection lamp is small and exquisite, and it is convenient to carry it when traveling on business.

Wide range: suitable for rooms, hotels, schools, offices, etc.

Features of Light Sanitizer

The key features of Light Sanitizer are as:

  1. It helps killing the germs with UV light technology.
  2. Can be used for complete surface sanitization
  3. Onetime expense.  So it is cost-effective.
  4. Kills 99% of germs
  5. It is portable and can be used anywhere
  6. Lightweight with simple and easy to operate on/off button

Benefits of Light Sanitizer

Here are the key benefits of Light Sanitizer;

  1. Gives you complete protection
  2. Only 20 seconds of use will kill 99% of bacteria, virus and other germs
  3. Uses a powerful battery so that you can take it anywhere to use.
  4. Portable and lightweight.
light sanitizer - product image

Frequently Asked Question

Is Light Sanitizer Effective?

It is an ultraviolet disinfection bar that has a unit for the detection of gravity and can run on batteries or stay connected with its USB cable. This device allows instant scanning of electronic devices, accessories and other objects.
It is totally safe and allows you to sterilize all the areas of your house with a powerful ultraviolet light. This portable tool is capable of killing over 95% of the germs that accumulate on your phone and other belongings.

How Does Light Sanitizer Kill Bacteria And Virus?

Ultraviolet rays can kill the microorganism by destroying microbial DNA and RNA. Suitable for many occasions small spaces like cars, bedrooms (mattresses, pillows), kitchens (cabinets, sinks), shoe cabinets, laundry rooms, baby rooms, pets, bathrooms, much more space you want to purify.

How To Clean Light Sanitizer?

When cleaning the UV lamp, cut off the power supply and use a clean soft cloth or alcohol solution and other organic solution to clean.

Are there any Side Effects of Light Sanitizer?

Radiation Ultraviolet radiation can cause burns to the skin and eyes, excessive inhalation of is harmful to humans. It requires people, animals, and plants to wait outside during disinfection, once disinfection is complete, they must also wait more than 40 minutes for ozone decomposition to complete.
Ultraviolet radiation can cause burns to skin and eyes, please pay attention to protection. Avoid long-term direct exposure to the human body. There is a destructive effect of ultraviolet radiation on organic cells. Do not expose animals and plants in the long term.
Pay attention to the precious inner calligraphy to avoid prolonged discoloration from oxidation by ultraviolet radiation.
Requires people and animals to wait outside during disinfection, after disinfection is complete, they should also wait more than 40 minutes for ozone decomposition to complete.
This UV disinfection lamp can be used not only in normal placement, but also hanging on the wall. It is light and compact and easy to move.

What is the Delivery Time?

light sanitizer

Delivery time is different for different regions. And due to the spread of Coronavirus shipments are taking delay. You can read the delivery time of Light Sanitizer depending on your location over here in this picture.

light sanitizer  - delivery location and time required

Other References

Portable Ultraviolet Light Surface-Disinfecting Devices. Health Quality Ontario

The uses and limitations of a hand-held germicidal ultraviolet wand for surface disinfection.

Light Sanitizer
  • Effictive - 10/10
  • Customer Reviews - 10/10
  • Value - 10/10
  • Back Ground Check - 10/10


Light Sanitizer is made using UV technology.  It helps to eliminate germs, viruses, and bacteria.  Keeps you home clean and gives you complete peace of mind.  It can be placed at the entrance of your home or anywhere to keep the environment germ free.

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