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What is Thermosense? Thermosense allows users to measure temperature in applications where conventional temperature sensors cannot be used.

Specifically, in cases related to moving objects (i.e. Humans, rollers, moving machinery, or a conveyor belt), or where non-contact measurements are required due to contamination or dangerous reasons (such as high voltage), where distances are too large, or where the temperatures being measured are too high for thermocouples or other contact sensors.

A typical example is measuring temperature oxidizing atmospheres where more traditional temperature sensors would not survive.

Thermosense - Ir thermometer for fever checking

Features of Thermosense

Equipped with a quality microchip and a highly sensitive sensor, the Thermosense offers great reliability. It has different measurement modes such as forehead and ear for children or adults, it can also measure the temperature of objects, food, bathwater or the environment in general. It is capable of taking 20 readings and saving them to keep track of temperature variations, it has a fever alarm from 38º, silent mode, adjustable ºC or ºF measurement, color LED backlight and automatic shutdown to save energy.

Frequently Asked Question About Thermosense And Its Uses

How does Thermosense work?

The most basic design of an Thermosense consists of a lens for focusing infrared (IR) energy to a pyrometer, which converts the energy into an electrical signal that can be displayed in units of temperature after being compensated for by the variation in room temperature. This configuration facilitates the measurement of temperature without contact with the object to be measured.
As such, the Thermosense is useful for measuring temperature in circumstances where thermocouples, Pt100 probes, or other contact temperature sensors cannot be used or do not produce accurate data for a variety of reasons.
Some typical circumstances are: where the object to be measured moves, where the object is surrounded by an electromagnetic field, such as in induction heating, where the object is contained in a vacuum or in controlled atmospheres, or in applications where a fast answer.

What should I keep in mind regarding my application when selecting an IR thermometer?

Important considerations for any infrared thermometer include field of view (target size and distance), the type of surface being measured (emissivity considerations), spectral response (due to atmospheric effects or transmission through surfaces), range temperature and mounting (portable infrared guns or fixed IR sensors). Other considerations include response time, environment, mounting limitations, display port or window applications, and desired signal processing.

What is meant by field of vision, and why is it important?

The field of view is the angle of view at which the instrument operates, and is determined by the optics of the Thermosense. To obtain an accurate temperature reading, the target being measured must completely fill the instrument’s field of view. Since the infrared sensor determines the average temperature of all surfaces within the field of view, if the background temperature is different from the temperature of the object, it can lead to a measurement error.
Thermosense offers a unique solution to this problem. Thermosense feature a patented switchable dot-circle laser. The circle mode of a built-in laser thermometer creates a 12-point circle that clearly indicates the target area being measured. In laser point-to-point mode alone it marks the center of the measurement area.

What is emissivity, and how does it relate to infrared temperature measurements?

Thermosense Infrared Thermometer with Integrated Laser Emissivity is defined as the ratio of the energy radiated by an object at a given temperature to the energy emitted by a perfect, or blackbody, radiator at the same temperature. The emissivity of a blackbody is 1.0. All emissivity values fall between 0.0 and 1.0. Most infrared thermometers have the ability to compensate for different emissivity values, for different materials.
In general, the higher the emissivity of an object, the easier it is to obtain an accurate infrared temperature measurement. Objects with very low emissivity (below 0.2) can be difficult applications.
Some polished surfaces, shiny metals, such as aluminum, are so reflective in the infrared that accurate temperature measurements are not always possible.

What Temperatures are Normal?

In the face of the global health emergency caused by COVID 19, the Thermosense has become one of the most widely used objects. When we go to the thermometer to find out how the body temperature is and the result has been 37 ºC, doubts about whether or not it is fever invade our thoughts.

What are the symptoms of the COVID-19 coronavirus? How do I know if I am sick?

According to history, the normal body temperature is 36 ºC. The figure was established in the mid-19th century by the German doctor Carl Reinhold August Wunderlich, the value applies for children as well as for adults.
“María typhoid”, the first asymptomatic carrier of fever who was sentenced to live in quarantine for 26 years
To answer the question of whether having 37º is an indication of fever or not, the values between 35º and 37.5º “are normal “but the temperature will vary depending on the biological clock of each individual.

How does the temperature vary. And When To Use Thermosense To Check Temperature?

At six in the morning the temperature is lower; and, at 18:00 it reaches its highest value, or even in women, a key factor in the temperature will be the time of ovulation, where it will be higher.

Thermosense - screen reading options

Other References

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  • Durability - 10/10
  • Result Quality - 10/10
  • Customer Reviews - 10/10
  • Value - 10/10
  • Trust - 10/10


Thermosense is an authentic Ir Thermometer to read body temperature without physical contact with the body. It gives 99% accuracy.  Easy to use and operate. Customer reviews are positive.  It is useful to read body temperature during the coronavirus spread as it does not require body contact.  

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